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  Jadzia’s Journeys


Looking back at more than 120 episodes, Farrell has her favorites, her disappointments and her bizarre moments to recount.  First, she cites what she considers the best Dax episodes.  “I loved ‘Far Beyond the Stars.’  Avery [Brooks] did a great job as a director and an actor.  He let me do a New York accent for it, and I chewed so much gum in that show it was insane,” she laughs.  “It was fun, because the character I played wasn’t Dax or even a variation of Dax.  ‘Change of Heart’ was up there with the best Dax shows, and so was ‘Fascination.’  It was fun and comedic and off the wall.  I liked having that lightness coming out of nowhere every once in a while.  ‘Playing God’ was a favorite because I got to work with Geoffrey Blake [as Arjin].  He had played my boy friend on Paper Dolls a million years ago.  Mastering the technobabble in that show was a huge achievement for me.  That’s when I started to get a little more comfortable with it.  I also loved wearing the wedding dress in ‘You Are Cordially Invited....’

Of course, “You Are Cordially Invited...” and “Change of Heart” stand as Farrell’s two biggest season six episodes, excepting “Tears of the Prophets.”  In “Invited,” Dax and Worf finally tie the knot, while the battle-heavy “Heart” explored the limits Worf and Dax would go for each other.  “For the most part, I loved ‘You Are Cordially Invited...’  It was great that I got to outwit Sirella [Shannon Cochran].  I looked up her family history and really nailed her on that.  That was a good idea on the writer’s part. To use Dax’s smarts to get Sirella,” Farrell notes.  “The bachelorette party Dax had was no doubt the best party, period, that I ever saw on DS9.  It was a hoot.  I got to play hung over, which was so much fun.  I know this sounds silly, but to have mascara running a little bit was such  a big deal on that show.  You never have mascara run, much less lipstick out of place when you’re fighting.

The only thing that was odd to me was that even though the wedding was a last minute thing, no one from my family was there.  If there was anything missing during my six years of DS9, it was that Dax talked about her family, but we never saw anyone.  Dax even went to Trill, but how going there affected her never investigated, other than how it affected her health.  Didn’t she ever miss home or the people in her life?  Did they ever miss her?  I know she was willing to throw it all away for Lenara [Susanna Thompson in “Rejoined”], but Trill must have meant something to me.  That’s really my one great complaint.

“’Change of Heart’ was the first time that you really got to see Dax experience the pain of letting go of something.  I liked that episode, but it would have worked even better if there had been some inter-cuts of those Jem’Hadar.  Even though we killed those guys, you never saw that others were still after us.  If you had, you would have felt a great sense of urgency.  One thing I liked was that you saw that a Klingon would put his wife before duty.  There haven’t been too many big revelations about the Klingons since Worf came on, and it was nice to see one that was so important.

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